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8th Grade Curriculum Info

Shorecliffs Middle School 8th Grade Curriculum Information





2019 - 2020


Required Course of Study




Social Science   





Shorecliffs Middle School Electives 8th Grade 2019 - 2020


Advanced Art: This is a year long class for 8th graders.This course will let students explore and work in a variety of art mediums from drawing and painting to digital art. Students will develop a portfolio that exhibits their art styles and range of techniques. Students will develop strong expressive techniques  by using the elements of art and principles of design. This course will also help students appreciate various artists and art movements.


Advanced Orchestra: This is a year long class is for 7th and 8th graders. String students that demonstrate a special ability. Students will gain an increasing knowledge of music notation and symbols, and increasing ability in aural discrimination, and expanded awareness and understanding of music from a variety of stylistic periods, in addition to gaining increased proficiency and techniques on their instruments. The orchestra will perform throughout the school year. Attendance at extra rehearsals and all performances are required.


ASB: This is a year long class for 7th and 8th graders  that teaches the principles and dynamics of leadership to selected students. Students who are elected/appointed to Associated Student Body (ASB) positions will be enrolled in this class. Student body officers will perform a

Variety of services throughout the school year such as planning an A.S.B. budget, organizing student activities, conducting meetings, learning leadership techniques, and community services. Prerequisite: Application and Teacher Recommendation Required.


A.V. I.D.  Advancement Via Individual Determination: This is a year long class for 8th graders. Advancement Via Individual Determination (A.V.I.D.) is a course designed to guide the average and above average student towards achieving entrance to a four-year college. The program involves commitment by parents, students, tutors and teachers. Prerequisite: Application, Interview and Teacher Approval Required


Career and Technology Investigation: This is a year long class for 8th graders. This course allows students to investigate careers and innovative technology used in high - demand employment sectors. Students will spend time utilizing these exciting modules to complete project and work based learning activities that incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math ) concepts. Each module includes use of equipment such as 3D Printer, Robotic Arms, CNC machinery, Laser Engravers, etc. Students will also learn related software such as CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) CAM (Computer Aided Machining) and Solidworks, to name a few. This course will assist students in planning for College and Career pathways throughout high school and college. Students are placed in this class by a lottery selection.


Drama: This is a year long class for 7th and 8th graders. This class is for students who want to learn the dynamics of performance. Performance participation will constitute a large component of the course grade. Students will study all aspects of theatre including , but not limited to, acting, technical theatre skills, stagecraft, stage management, script writing, dance, vocals, characterization, and pre/post production planning. Critiques of movies and plays will be included in addition to instruction in critiquing oneself and one’s peers. Students will perform scenes,improvisation, and skits as well as participate in a full-length play or musical evening performance. Students are required to attend after school rehearsals prior to evening performances.


Peer Assistance Leadership: (PAL)  This is a year long class  for 7th and 8th graders. This is

a program that teaches students to be resources to one another and to create a supportive environment that promote healthy, positive decision making. This class will perform student centered activities and events, community work and outreach. The PAL class teaches leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, problem solving techniques, critical thinking skills, and community service. Prerequisite: Application and Teacher recommendation


School Services: This is a year long program for 8th graders that offers practical clerical  duties. Office aides will assist the office in a variety of duties: notifying students who are summoned to the office, operating some of the office equipment, and helping the office staff as



Spanish 1 B: This is a year long class for 8th graders that is the second class in a two year sequence for students that have successfully completed Spanish 1 A as a seventh grader. This class provides students the opportunity to study Spanish Grammar, pronunciation, simple conversation, and practical expression. Spanish 1B is paced to allow for building a strong foundation for future foreign language learning. Students who complete this class with an A or B will receive credit and will be able to transition to Spanish II. Students will not, however, receive unit credit toward meeting the required 220 units for high school graduation. Students will receive course credit toward meeting the foreign language requirement for college admission.    


Spanish 1 (High School level coursework):  This year long course offers students without any previous formal Spanish the opportunity to study and acquire the basic principles of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. Students will also learn about culture, conversational techniques, and grammar concepts as determined by the first year textbook. This is the same curriculum as the course taught at the high school level. Students will receive course credit toward meeting the foreign language requirement for college admission. Students will not, however, receive unit credit toward meeting the required 220. Students are placed in this class by Lottery selection.


String Ensemble:  This year long class is for  7th and 8th graders. It is designed for students who have mastered the music skills and concepts of the orchestra class and wish to develop advanced musical understanding and mastery of their instrument. Student will be challenged by the performance of advanced middle school music requiring more sophisticated understanding of rhythms, key signatures, and musical terminology. Students will gain an increasing ability in aural discrimination and expanded awareness in understanding of music from a variety of stylistic periods, in addition to gaining increased proficiency and technique on their instruments. The String Ensemble is a performing group and attendance is required for concerts.


Wind Ensemble:   This year long class is for 7th and 8th grade wind, brass and percussion students.  This class will prepare students for music study at a more advanced level. A more varied repertoire and technical ability will be the result of practicing and performing. Attendance at after school performances are required.

Yearbook: This is a year long class for 7th and 8th grade students that will learn the aspects of yearbook design and production. These aspects include, but are not limited to publication design, journalistic writing, organizational skills, and teamwork. These assignments could include: collecting and taking photographs, conducting interviews, writing captions, and stories, organizing the information into well designed page - layouts, meeting deadlines, and editing. No experience is needed but is helpful.

2019 - 2020 Placement Guidelines


Eighth Grade



ALL GATE students are automatically placed. Additional students will be placed into Accelerated classes if they meet both  requirements noted below in the 7th grade.


  1. Smarter Balance Scaled Score on the ELA Portion of 2733.


  2) 3.5 GPA in English  or

       4.0 GPA in English 7.