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School Loop Registration Instructions and Tutorial

School loop Tutorial

SchoolLoop is the best resource for assisting in your student's academic success.

Please open the attachment below to explore SchoolLoop for all the features it has to offer parents and students! 

SchoolLoop Tutorial


We are asking that both parents and students register for School Loop:

Go to: Shorecliffs Schoolloop

Click: Register Now

For Students – Click: I am a Student

For Parents – Click: I am a Parent or Caregiver

Fill out the form – you must have the student identification number (7 digits) which is on the student schedule slip you received at Orientation.

If you do not have an email address, you can still register for School Loop on any computer, including the ones at the public library.  Parents and students can access School Loop in English and in Spanish.  If you get an email address later in the school year, you can always change your email address.