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End of Year 8th Grade Activities Eligibility
Posted 5/14/19

Eighth Grade Parents and Students,


     Eighth grade students who are planning to attend the 8th grade End of Year activities, please check the window outside of Mrs. Murphy’s office to see if you have any demerits (discipline points).  Students with demerits need to clear those demerits one week prior to the end of year activity.

     Any student with demerits that would like to attend the 8th grade dance must have those points cleared by Friday, May 24th.  Students who would like to attend the picnic must have their demerits cleared by Thursday, May 30th.

     Any student who receives an office referral within the week prior to event may become ineligible to attend the event.

     Please see Mrs. Murphy for community service forms or if you have any questions.

(Each demerit is worth one hour of community service that needs to be done on campus, with a staff member, before or after school.  Students who have five or more demerits may do half of their service off campus at a non-profit organization.)