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Shorecliffs Middle School Spring Behavior Expectations
Posted 4/18/19


Positive Behavior is rewarding:

  •  A positive reputation,  Shorebucks – gifts and rewards throughout the year, participate in Intramurals, dances, special lunchtime activities, end of the year activities, Student of the Month, GPA Assembly, SOAR activities

Upcoming Incentives:

  •  Dance Friday 3/15, College basket raffle, Flag football (8th), paddle tennis (7th), volleyball (6th) intramurals, plus SC track meet, SOAR lunchtime game days, Student of the month and SOAR breakfast
  • 8th grade – dance, picnic, awards


  • Arrival time - Meet at lunch tables. Do not disturb 0 Period
  • Excused tardies/absences are for medical appointment, illness, funeral or religious holiday
  • If you bike, skate or scooter to school, lock your property and wear your helmet
  • When entering or leaving campus, use designated walkways and follow all safety laws
  • Be prepared - Use lockers and restrooms before school, at break, and during passing periods
  • Use the Up Stairs when going up and the Down Stairs when going down
  • Eat at lunch tables – food is not allowed on blacktop or over by the Learning Center
  • Be mindful of the yellow and red-lined areas – they are out of bounds
  • When checking out equipment, present your school ID, and return equipment when the bell rings
  • During SSR, be prepared with a reading novel or class/homework. If you are using Blue SSR pass – get from teacher you are visiting prior to SSR

Use of Cell phones:

  • Turn off phone after 1st period bell and store safely. Phones must be off or silent until the end of school.  If you need to use your phone, go to office
  • Ear buds or headphones are not allowed to be worn during school hours unless they are for a specific class and approved by teacher
  • Cell phone steps – 1st – warning, 2nd – student picks up phone in office, 3rd – parent pick up

Dress Code Expectations:

  • Hats are for sun protection only and need to be worn appropriately and removed while in classrooms. Beanies are ONLY permitted when weather is cold, not as a fashion accessory. Hoods are NOT allowed to be worn for safety concerns. Review tank tops, midriffs, etc.


  • Text a Tip – (949) 682- 8471 (TIP1) Write on the board – Text a tip goes to Dr. Baker and Mrs. Murphy and is confidential.  Send concerns via text and you may also send pictures and videos if necessary.  Text a tip is active during the school week and is checked on weekends.  Text-a-tip is not monitored during non-school days such as holidays or breaks.
  • Report bullying, fights, harassment, use of vapes, alcohol or other inappropriate behaviors, concerns of friends being bullied, etc. 




If you do make a mistake and receive an office referral, you may have a demerit which is a discipline point.  Explain that office referrals are electronically submitted to office for inappropriate behavior and breaking school rules.  This could be for class disruption, using profanity, disrespect, physical altercations, bullying, cheating and harassment.

Demerit Policy:

  •  If you have been in the office for discipline reasons, you may have a demerit. Demerits prevent you from attending after school activities like dances and ASB activities. For 8th graders – emphasize end of year activities – dance, picnic
  •  You can work off demerits by doing community service on campus with a teacher or staff member.  All community service needs to be done outside of regular school hours– 1 hour of service = 1 demerit. If you have more than 5 demerits, half of your community service may be done for a non-profit group.  See Mrs. Murphy for details